The Party Spaces


The Cradle of Aviation's Reckson Center Atrium is a flexible, multi-level, awe-inspiring event space for parties up to 1,500. With eight major artifacts suspended majestically in mid-air, guests celebrate amidst impressive flight displays. Four-story glass windows add to the majestic aerodynamic appeal. This stunning one-of-a-kind space is one of very few on Long Island that can host a cocktail party of up to 1,500 people or can entertain 1,000+ for dinner and dancing, fashion shows, corporate breakfasts and presentations, and more. Grand, authentic aircrafts and wraparound balconies with three viewing levels make the Atrium a most distinctive setting.

red planet

By day, Red Planet is a futuristic Mars space station, circa 2040, complete with an experimental Grumman MOLAB(Mobile Lab) as well as other Mars-related artifacts. After hours, Red Planet becomes a fun, festive party space with an out-of-this-atmosphere glow. Wall-to-wall murals, galactic artifacts, and soaring ceilings create a dramatic and extraordinary setting. Comfortably accommodating seated parties of up to 250, Red Planet is ideal for bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, holiday celebrations, and other unique corporate events. Or, host your unforgettable opening cocktail reception on Mars before moving into another dramatic party space.

space gallery

Space Gallery is your gateway to one of the great achievements of the modern age--human spaceflight. Whether you are planning a special teen celebration, organizing a small company dinner for 100, or hosting a cocktail reception for 200, the exhibits and historic memorabilia in Space Gallery will set a most auspicious tone. Since the first Soviet venture into space in 1961, more than 500 men and women have floated in the vacuum of space and conducted experiments in orbit, making Space Gallery perhaps one of the most talked about galleries in the museum. Gallery highlights include a Blue Angel F/A-18 Hornet Strike Fighter Simulator Ride, a space weight station, and Command Module CM 002.

lunar landing

Our very own Apollo Lunar Lander within the Space Gallery boasts one of only three lunar modules on earth, LM-13. This original Lunar Module, built by Grumman in Bethpage in 1972, was intended for the Apollo 19 mission to Copernicus Crater in 1973, which was ultimately cancelled. LM-13 is a scientific masterpiece that helps create a dramatic, yet cozy, backdrop for your next intimate gathering. You and up to 30 companions can dine while gazing upon this marvel that was once slated to head to the moon.

hangar 2

Toast and mingle among impressive flight displays and authentic aircraft of yesteryear including Tomcat No. 3, the oldest surviving F-14A in the world; an A-10 Warthog; and the last A-6F Intruder ever built. This actual bygone hangar is now home to massive notable relics, making this event space especially remarkable. Perfect for small corporate gatherings, networking events, or association functions, Hangar 2 can entertain cocktail parties of up to 200 people or seated soirees of up to 90.


Stroll through historic and futuristic galleries as you and your guests sip libations and sample savory fare. These singular, themed event spaces are dedicated to the first decade of flight after Kitty Hawk, World Wars I and II, the Golden Age of Aviation, and the Jet Age. They chronicle everything from kites, balloons, and gliders to Long Island missiles, early rockets, and weather radars. The collection includes a 1909 Bleriot, Charles Lindbergh's first plane JN-4 Jenny, and the Cal Rodgers' Wright EX biplane, the Vin Fiz. Meandering galleries can accommodate small cocktail receptions of up to 250 people each or can combine to host drinks and hors d'oeuvres for up to 2,000 guests.

JetBlue Sky Theater Planetarium

The 300-seat Leroy R. and Rose W. Grumman Giant Screen Dome Theater has debuted all-new emerging technology: a digital planetarium! This new addition will treat audiences to realistic close-up views of star fields and planets. The theater is available as a supplement to social or corporate celebrations or may be booked independently. It provides a memorable backdrop for wedding ceremonies, offers a relaxing viewing space for bar/bat mitzvah montages, and serves as an ideal setting for corporate and not-for-profit presentations, lectures, forums, and kick-off parties.

firefighters museum

The Francis X. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center, located next to Hangar 2, is dedicated to the preservation of volunteer fire services' heritage via the collection and exhibition of historic and contemporary firefighting memorabilia and equipment. The Museum's newest exhibit--Lives of Service: Celebrating the Heroes of September 11th--opened in September 2011 and is dedicated to the Long Island firefighters who were lost that tragic day. The galleries in the Firefighters Museum combine with the event space in Hangar 2 for a most engaging cocktail reception that can host up to 225 guests. For more information, visit